His Twisted Hair Do

$120.00 $250.00Sale


I am an honest person and this painting, which I love the colors and have enjoyed it on my wall, is slightly warped due to the thin frame and humidity. That is why I called it 'Twisted' . That is also why it is half price. But I have found that if you hang it from the Ceiling one inch away from the wall you can not tell at all. If you want to hang it outside, which more people are doing these days, I can spray it with a few coats of Acrylic clear spray paint and the colors will last for about 4 years in the rain and sun before you notice any change.  3 feet by 3 feet. You will love it...I will miss it. If interested contact me abou tshipping fees. If in Phoenix you can pick it up from my studio. 602-460-0710 


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